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We're thrilled to have you join us on the exhilarating journey of Cole Newsom, a dynamic 15-year-old motocross prodigy making waves in AMA events across the West Coast. Currently riding a robust 2023 KTM 125 2-Stroke,

As Cole accelerates his career, he's actively seeking sponsors to acquire two 2023 Honda 250 4-Stroke bikes to become more competitive in longer-duration races.  By partnering with Cole, sponsors will not only fuel his motocross aspirations but also become part of a journey marked by  determination, and the pursuit of excellence.


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READ!! Each purchase includes sponsorship at ONE of the following levels. We are sincerely grateful for your support and welcome you to this ground floor opportunity for you to become a sponsor of our privateer race team at its early stage. will support your business through promotion of your company both on and off the track in every way possible. please gmail your logo at

A Class

Large logo with premium placement on our race truck, Cole's race bike, pop-ups, jersey, social media content promoting your brand, and trackside hospitality!

B Class

Same as gold but medium size logo with excellent visible positioning on all the same gear

C Class

Same as gold but small size logo with excellent visible positioning on all the same gear


About Cole

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Meet Cole Newsom, an emerging 15-year-old motocross talent competing in AMA events across the West Coast.


As a privateer, Cole skillfully balances major brand sponsorships with family-owned business support, fueling his ambition to build a notable racing career.


His goal? To lead a competitive motocross team and inspire future riders. With every race, Cole is not just chasing victory; he's leading a family of motocross riders and bringing together a community. 

How you can help


​- Attend an event

- Become a Title Sponsor

- Make a one time donation

- Make a monthly donation

- Support our sponsors

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